About the Small Things Photography

I see myself as a circle-of-life lifestyle photographer.

There are so many special moments, and I love being the one to eternalize those moments while you just live them! From couple shoots, on to engagement and wedding photography, and maybe later maternity and new-born shoots, and then capturing the cake smash, and birthdays. This is what I love. Being the memory-keeper of all the moments that should live on forever. 


I do all shoots in your comfort-zone, or out in nature, where you love to be. Recently I've branched out to studio work and I LOVE it! I love capturing REAL moments, in natural settings, and not something overthought or over-posed. I want to capture YOU


Here is our pricing! We are not only focused on Weddings, we are focused on every aspect of life. We love being able to come back and see how our amazing customers have grown into their lives and how they enjoy the adventures they are on.

Check out our price list and book us for your adventures!