From a young age, I was always the one with the camera, hanging around, taking photos of everyone and everything. At every event, at every party or school function, if there was a photo taken, I probably took it. I took my first “selfie” on my parents old camera when I was only 5. Back then we still had to wait a couple of days to have the photos developed…

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After completing Senior year at Helpmekaar Kollege I went on to get my Masters degree in Theology at the University of Pretoria. In my second year, I still felt the love of photography in my veins, and spent my whole Holiday working as a cashier to save up enough money to buy myself a really good camera at a very reputable camera shop. I did a Photography course online, and advertised for a mentor willing to take me under their wing and teach me the things that no course can ever teach you. The inside tips and tricks that make a photographer truly great.

The very experienced Bianca Fourie answered, and under her guidance, I evolved into the photographer I am today. We still collaborate on projects and still learn from each other continuously.

I’ve also worked with and learnt from the extremely talented Francois Fourie from Faded Edges Photography.

About the Small Things Photography
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I’m very well trained in all types of Cameras, and know how to get the best out of each and every type. When I’m not capturing moments, I actually work at the place where I bought my very first camera, and make sure that aspiring young photographers get what they need to set them on a path for greatness.